Defending DUI: Case Outline for 2015

Recently I was able to update the Georgia DEFENDING DUI: Case Outline for 2015. Annual adjustments to this book are significant because of the latest developments in our Georgia judicial system.

This outline for DUI cases in Georgia was created to help attorneys understand how the DUI and traffic laws work in our state without sifting through pages and pages of laws and websites. Step by step we examine each significant step and issue that can arise in any DUI case.

Within Defending DUI, you will find caselaw that supports both the Defense and Prosecution. Also included are cases that are considered neutral, but still important to know. If you can understand fully how the DUI system works in Georgia, you can better support your clients in their cases.

Different case examples are explored. For each case, you will find the complete citation, a brief synopsis of the facts, and an overview of the appellate court’s decision.

This book is a detailed resource for attorneys who in the process of defending or prosecuting DUI cases.

Ashley Schiavone is DUI Lawyer serving Gwinnett and Fulton Counties. She is currently on-duty attorney for Gwinnett County’s DUI court.