The Divorce Lawyer Duluth GA Calls First is Ashley Schiavone

Don't let divorce be a difficult time in your life - you’re not alone. And with so much at stake, don't wait to take action. Contact Ashley Schiavone today. She is the divorce lawyer Duluth GA calls first.

The Schiavone Law Group is here to help you if you are facing divorce. We ensure that you fully understand the court proceedings and make sure you have all the facts. We strive to resolve cases in a collaborative and amicable manner whenever possible. However, we are also available to take on tough cases when necessary.


The divorce lawyer Duluth GA calls first.

Call Duluth Divorce Attorney Ashley Schiavone

Because Your Family Is Important To You!

Family Law for Duluth GA and Gwinnett

We offer personal and individualize legal advice and representation, covering all aspects of family law including child custody, support, domestic violence, property division and more.

If the father or mother of your child won’t pay child support, it might be time to take them to court. Make sure your children get the fair and proper support they deserve.

Practice Areas

  • Uncontested Divorce

  • Contested Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Guardianship

  • Alimony

  • Equitable Division

  • Modifications

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We understand that your budget is always a consideration, which is why we offer a FREE consultation and flexible payment options.

The lawyer who protects your rights.

Ashley Schiavone is the divorce attorney serving you in Lawrenceville, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Snellville, Norcross, Buford and other Gwinnett County Locations


Protect Your Rights with the Best Divorce Lawyers in Duluth GA

It is important to understand your legal rights, responsibilities and duties under the law. You could end up paying more for your assets or support if you don't know your responsibilities. Only proven divorce attorneys can protect your rights.

Should I Hire a Professional Law Firm?

Don't neglect the decision to hire a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers are experienced and can provide the professionalism and experience you need to navigate the legal system. They are efficient with court documents, and don't have to deal with the emotional strain of divorce proceedings. Hire divorce lawyers with expertise in family law.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Divorce?

Increasing marital problems may be the initial clue to start seeking a professional. And if you believe that divorce is even a remote option, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Make sure you're prepared and protected.


The Duluth Divorce Attorney to Call First is Ashley Schiavone