DUI Case Law App

Inspired by the original book, "Defending DUI: Case Outline," The Georgia DUI Case Law App is an easy to use case outline reference guide. Whether you are a practicing lawyer, support staff, law student, or just simply curious about one of the most complex areas of Georgia law, this App can point you to the most up to date, pertinent, and relevant DUI cases decided in the State of Georgia. Whether you are researching law to help your case, or you need to quickly find authority to support your position, or if you just want to learn, the App is designed for quick navigation both inside and outside the courtroom.

With the Georgia DUI Case Law App, you'll:

  • Be able to find cases on issues ranging from Reasonable Articulable Suspicion, to Search and Seizure. From RoadBlocks to Implied Consent.
  • Be able to find cases supportive of your issue whether you are a defense attorney or a prosecutor.
  • Be able to share the outline of the cases with your colleagues.
  • Be able to search for a case online if you need to read it in its entirety.

You'll love this App not only for its thoroughness, but also its simplicity and ease of use.

The Georgia DUI Case Law App is a passion project. For several years, Ashley Schiavone published her book, “Defending DUI: Case Outline.” One day, her friend and fellow lawyer, Matt Hirsch, having purchased several editions, asked her why he had not seen any updated versions. She told him that she had lost her publisher. Matt told her it would make a great App. A collaboration was born, and here it is.