Crazy Laws in Georgia

We Didn’t Make This Up!

Schiavone Law Group is proud to uphold the statutes and laws provided in our State system. From time to time, we come across a law that just makes us think… Huh?! But upon a closer look, we often find an explanation. This month on the blog, we decided to share some of our favorites from local governments in Georgia.

  1. In 1961, Gainesville made it a requirement that you must eat fried chicken with your fingers. In other words, no forks allowed! We figure it was part of a publicity stunt, since the town happens to claim itself the Poultry Capitol of the World.
  2. In Athens, it is illegal to use an Alabama Slingshot (or any other slingshot) in the downtown area. We’re not sure what made them specifically mention slingshots from Alabama. Chock it up to football rivalry, perhaps?
  3. In Columbus, do not wear a top hat when you attend an opera. It is against city ordinances to wear a hat in a theater. We think the intent may be so that all visitors have a good view or perhaps for protection. But it seems a little, ahem, over the top!

We also decided to debunk a few rumored laws that you may have seen these on Facebook or email.

  1. There isn’t a law in Georgia prohibiting you from putting your donkey in a bathtub. But we did find one rule requiring a local sheriff’s office to milk impounded cows and goats.
  2. While we did not find anything stating that it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a lamp post in Atlanta, we did find very specific provisions for the care of wild animals.
  3. If you love a good Zesto cone and want to take one with you, you’re in luck! It is not illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sunday… in any state, including Georgia.

At Schiavone Law, we are proud of a system that allows communities to create their own laws and we are honored to uphold them.

Crazy Laws in Georgia