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Refusing a Breathalyzer in GA

To Blow or Not to Blow Almost a year later, a landmark Supreme Court case in Georgia continues to reshape DUI defense cases, Olevik vs. State. In this case, the highest court in Georgia reaffirmed a state resident’s against self-incrimination. In light of the shifting tides, we want to take a look at your rights […]

Drugged Driving vs Drunk Driving in Georgia

Drugged Driving vs Drunk Driving in Georgia

Prescription Drugs are Not Exempt from DUI Penalties Tiger Woods is one of the latest high-profile people to be arrested for driving under the influence. In his case, he was using drugs that were legally prescribed to him after a recent back surgery. But, in the court of law, using a legal drug does not […]

Sobriety Checkpoint Answers from a DUI Lawyer

Sobriety Checkpoint Answers from a DUI Lawyer It is common in the state of Georgia to come across a Sobriety Checkpoint. These are legal roadblocks that police set up to stop oncoming motorists and ensure that they catch drivers who have been drinking. There have been many videos circulating on social media where individuals refuse […]

Schiavone Law Group – Focus and Expertise

For 30 Years Our focus and expertise at Schiavone Law includes many different areas, including Personal Injury Law. What is a Personal Injury case? It is any legal dispute that arises when one person suffers harm and someone other than the injured party is responsible. If you are a victim in a Personal Injury case, […]