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Georgia Distracted Driving (Update)

Your Grace Period is Over Get your hands-free devices connected… the “grace period” for using your phone on I-285 is (unofficially) over. In Georgia distracted driving will earn get you a ticket. According to the AJC, Georgia State Patrol handed out more than eight thousand citations to motorists violating the Hands-Free Georgia Act last year, […]

Weird Driving Laws

Weird Driving Laws

Most traffic laws are helpful for preventing speeding or impaired driving. Speed limits and DUI laws are pretty similar across the country. But many states, cities, and towns were pretty creative with their driving ordinances. A Few Weird Driving Laws in the US So, this week we look at some of the strangest driving laws […]

New Distracted Driving Law in Georgia

The time has come… to stop browsing Instagram on I-85. (At least, now you could actually get a ticket for it.) On July 1, Georgia will begin enforcing a driving law that will probably affect all of us. Accidents have been increasing in Georgia and many suspect that cell phones are to blame. That is […]

Police Enforce Texting And Driving Laws In Georgia

Texting and Driving Laws in Georgia Georgia law enforcement has been really cracking down on the use of mobile devices while driving. You may be surprised to hear about some of the texting and driving laws that are in place, and what is considered “texting and driving” in Georgia. You might also be surprised about what […]