Police Enforce Texting And Driving Laws In Georgia

Texting and Driving Laws in Georgia

Georgia law enforcement has been really cracking down on the use of mobile devices while driving. You may be surprised to hear about some of the texting and driving laws that are in place, and what is considered “texting and driving” in Georgia. You might also be surprised about what police are doing in some areas of to enforce these texting and driving laws. At the Schiavone Law Group your safety is of utmost importance to us. Did you know that texting and driving can impair your driving as much as, or in some cases, even more than driving under the influence of alcohol? Not only do we want you to be safe but we also want you to be aware of what the texting and driving laws are in Georgia and how these laws are being enforced, so that you can avoid getting ticketed or worse.

Distracted Driving

Officials are saying that making a good case for “distracted driving” is difficult because it is challenging to figure out exactly what a driver is doing inside their car. As a result departments in Georgia have been assigning full time motorcycle police with instructions to drive right next to stopped cars at intersections so they can have a better look at what they are doing. Of course we know that texting and driving in Georgia is illegal while you are driving but many Georgia drivers are finding out the hard way that it is also illegal to use your mobile device even if you are at a complete stop at a traffic light. At some intersections in Georgia, police are even dressing up as road workers and looking into people’s cars to enforce these laws. So be on the lookout but more importantly, you should practice safe driving habits by not texting and driving at all! Infractions for “distracted driving” include texting, using GPS on your device, using social media, using apps, taking pictures, and the like.



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