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The Georgia DUI Case Law App is Now Live!

The Georgia DUI Case Law App gives users access to DUI case law in Georgia from an experienced defense lawyer, Ashley Schiavone. It was created using information from Ms. Schiavone’s book, Defending DUI: A Case Outline. The Georgia DUI Case Law App has been a passion project. For several years, Ashley Schiavone published new editions […]

DUI Checkpoints

A tricky DUI checkpoint in South Georgia made news this month. In Twiggs County, police set up a decoy DUI checkpoint to seduce wayward drivers to take a highway exit. When drivers decided to take the exit to avoid the fake checkpoint, they were surprised to encounter the real checkpoint. This is not the first […]

Drunk Driving Awareness – The TIRF Report for 2021

A new drunk driving awareness study reveals a shift in driver attitudes toward drunk driving during the 2020 global pandemic. The study shows that more people self-reported driving drunk than in years past. It also shows that people are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. The TIRF Report The Traffic Injury Research Foundation […]

Accountability Courts in GA

For defendants in the State of Georgia facing increased punishment due to their criminal history, Georgia DUI Courts offer an alternative to substantial jail time with an eye towards rehabilitation. Providing Rehabilitative Resources Accountability courts in GA have been around for many years, offering rehabilitative resources to defendants who have a history of repeated offenses. […]

Will Self-Driving Cars Affect DUIs in Georgia?

Vehicle operation technology is rapidly advancing. But it will likely take years for the legal system in Georgia to catch up. One of the greatest advancements in vehicle safety has been in driver-assisted safety features. And technology is now moving toward fully autonomous vehicles. So, how will DUI laws change as this technology advances?   […]