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Schiavone Law Featured in South Magazine

Schiavone Law was featured in the June-July issue of Savannah-based South magazine. Ashley Schiavone and her father, Mike Schiavone are highlighted in an article discussing their professional history, achievements, and expertise. Family Matters The article describes Mr. Schiavone as a well-known attorney in Savannah. It describes Ms. Schiavone as an up-and-coming attorney in the Atlanta […]

DUI Law in Georgia Continues to Change

DUI Law in Georgia continues to change. First, by rulings in the Georgia Supreme Court, and now by the Georgia Legislature. That latest change was an adjustment to Georgia’s Implied Consent law. GEORGIA’S OLD LAW The Implied Consent law for people over the age of 21 created wording for officers to read to people suspected […]

Georgia Car Searches: What Are My Rights?

When Can Police Search Your Car? If you are pulled over in a routine traffic stop, and a police officer wants to search your vehicle, what do you do? The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects against unlawful search and seizure, which means that a police officer cannot start searching your car for […]

New Georgia Marijuana DUI Breathalyzer?

Testing for Marijuana Use May Get Easier for Law Enforcement. While the breathalyzer test has long been a way for law enforcement to test the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath, it has been much more difficult to test for impairment of recreational drugs. However, two companies, Hound Labs, Inc. and Cannabix Technologies, have […]