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Drunk Driving Prevention Technology

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced in December that it has taken the first steps to make drunk driving prevention technology standard in all new passenger vehicles in the United States.  First Steps This first step is called an advance notice of proposed rulemaking. It is a part of the long process in creating […]

Blood Testing for DUI Arrests in Georgia

Blood testing for DUI arrests in Georgia has become more common in recent years for a few reasons. First, the blood test is considered more accurate. Secondly, blood tests can also test for drug use. And lastly, the Georgia State Constitution has some protection against breath tests, so more officers are being trained to administer […]

Joshua’s Law in Georgia – What You Should Know

If you have a teen that is learning to drive, you may already know Georgia has strict driving laws for young people. Passed in 2005,  Joshua’s Law in Georgia, is aimed at keeping new young drivers safe while they are gaining independence behind the wheel.    The Class D License Sixteen and 17 year-olds are […]