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New Georgia Marijuana DUI Breathalyzer?

Testing for Marijuana Use May Get Easier for Law Enforcement. While the breathalyzer test has long been a way for law enforcement to test the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath, it has been much more difficult to test for impairment of recreational drugs. However, two companies, Hound Labs, Inc. and Cannabix Technologies, have […]

Refusing a Breathalyzer in GA

To Blow or Not to Blow Almost a year later, a landmark Supreme Court case in Georgia continues to reshape DUI defense cases, Olevik vs. State. In this case, the highest court in Georgia reaffirmed a state resident’s against self-incrimination. In light of the shifting tides, we want to take a look at your rights […]

Second Third and Fourth DUI Offense Consequences in Georgia

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th DUI Consequences in GA Get Serious In Georgia the consequences can change after your first DUI Offense. While every situation is different in most cases we have gathered what can be expected. First, it should be noted what constitutes a Georgia DUI offense. It’s the Blood Alcohol Content level that […]

DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA) Seminar Demonstration

DUIDLA Seminar with Ashley Schiavone In a DUI case, there are many ways to demonstrate reasonable doubt about a breath test presented in court. Ashley Schiavone shared her expertise about this subject in a presentation about cross examination at the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA) seminar in Charleston last month. She presented her question outline […]

2nd DUI in GA? Tips from a Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer

Have You Been Arrested for a 2nd DUI in GA? The penalties for a DUI in the state of Georgia increase after each arrest and conviction. If you have been arrested for a 2nd DUI in GA, here is what a conviction will look like: License Consequences – If your arrest is within 5 years […]

2017 Rising Star DUI Lawyer Ashley Schiavone

Schiavone Law Group is proud to announce that our very own Ashley Schiavone has been selected as a Rising Star in the area of DUI by the Super Lawyers organization! This is an award for lawyers considered elite in their fields. It includes a rigorous nomination and selection process. First, lawyers are nominated by other […]

Defending DUI: Case Outline

The Updated Edition by Ashley Schiavone Schiavone Law Group is proud of the work we do to help our fellow lawyers and community members. The book, Defending DUI: Case Outline by Ashley Schiavone has been updated and released by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia (ICLEGA), so we asked her to explain the purpose and […]

DUI Cases in Review 2016 by Ashley Schiavone

Happy New Year! We are excited to see what 2017 brings and want to take a moment to celebrate 2016’s successes. Most of Ashley Schiavone’s biggest wins were accomplished before the dui cases even went to trial. Both resulted in a dismissal of the DUI charge. In one case, the client was pulled over for […]