New Georgia Marijuana DUI Breathalyzer?

Testing for Marijuana Use May Get Easier for Law Enforcement.

While the breathalyzer test has long been a way for law enforcement to test the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath, it has been much more difficult to test for impairment of recreational drugs. However, two companies, Hound Labs, Inc. and Cannabix Technologies, have both created highly sensitive breathalyzer devices in order to test for Georgia marijuana DUI.

Still Not Legal for Driving Under the Influence

While the drug is now legal for recreational use in ten states and Washington, D.C., it is not legal to drive under its influence. Even so, the Colorado Department of Transportation took a survey of cannabis users and 70% of people who responded admitted to driving while high within the past year. More than 25% of those respondents said they drive high daily. Georgia’s law for marijuana is here. In the past, it has been challenging for law enforcement to test for the level of impairment by marijuana. That’s because the current drug testing can only indicate whether or not a person has been high within the past week, not their state when the person is pulled over. So, they often rely on field sobriety tests.

New Device is Pending Approval

The developers of the Hound Breathalyzer say that their device can pick up traces of the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC, on the breath. Once the device is approved for law enforcement use, there will likely be a discussion of what specific reading indicates impairment. This device can only test how recently a person used the drug, not how much they used.

While a new Georgia marijuana dui breathalyzer may be available soon, there is no word on whether Georgia law enforcement will begin using it anytime soon. Also, keep in mind that even though Georgia is not currently using a marijuana breathalyzer, you can still be arrested if an officer suspects you are high.


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