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Drunk Driving Awareness – The TIRF Report for 2021

A new drunk driving awareness study reveals a shift in driver attitudes toward drunk driving during the 2020 global pandemic. The study shows that more people self-reported driving drunk than in years past. It also shows that people are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. The TIRF Report The Traffic Injury Research Foundation […]

Covid-19 and DUI

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything Including DUIs Covid-19 and DUI present some new challenges in the legal system. Although we do not have official numbers, DUI arrests seem to be down since March. If you are arrested, here are some of the changes you can expect because of the global pandemic: You will still be brought […]

Second Third and Fourth DUI Offense Consequences in Georgia

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th DUI Consequences in GA Get Serious In Georgia the consequences can change after your first DUI Offense. While every situation is different in most cases we have gathered what can be expected. First, it should be noted what constitutes a Georgia DUI offense. It’s the Blood Alcohol Content level that […]