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Going on a Diet?

It’s #2 on the most popular New Year’s resolutions list. (The first one is exercising more.) And, if you are dieting right now, here is something you might not have considered. There is a fad diet out there that could actually increase your chances of getting a DUI. Be Careful with the Keto Diet You […]

Avoid Holiday Drinking and DUI in Georgia

From Thanksgiving to New Years, there is usually a large spike in DUI arrests. In fact, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is now commonly known as “Blackout Wednesday,” because of an increase in holiday drinking across the country. Because of holiday travel, there are also more people on the roads. And more traffic incidents. Police […]

Know Your Rights with Body Cameras

If you are arrested for a DUI in Georgia, you may notice an officer wearing a camera. In Georgia, and across the United States, more and more police officers are required to use body-worn cameras when they interact with the public. Law enforcement departments list several reasons why they are adopting body cameras: officer safety, […]