Going on a Diet?

It’s #2 on the most popular New Year’s resolutions list. (The first one is exercising more.) And, if you are dieting right now, here is something you might not have considered. There is a fad diet out there that could actually increase your chances of getting a DUI.

Be Careful with the Keto Diet

You may have heard of the Keto Diet. In this diet, you are consuming a very low amount of carbohydrates. The basic weight loss idea is that low carbohydrate consumption will trick your metabolism into burning fat, so you lose weight quickly. The state your body is in when it is burning fat instead of carbohydrates is called ketosis. Ketosis also causes your body to release isopropyl alcohol through your breath. 

A breathalyzer is programmed to detect ethanol, which is a by-product of alcohol consumption. But some devices cannot really differentiate between ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. This could be true if you are on a low-carb diet and have had anything to drink. 

In most cases, a police officer will conduct several tests to verify a breathalyzer test reading over the legal limit. Also, the Keto diet would likely only push you over the limit if you had also been drinking. But, if you have been pulled over for a DUI in the State of Georgia, be sure to inform your attorney if you have been on a low carb diet. This kind of information can be helpful when your attorney is preparing for your defense. Especially in the rare case that ketosis could have created a false positive on the breathalyzer. 

Don’t Take Chances

While it may help your defense, this does not mean that claiming you are on Keto Diet will help you get out of a DUI. Your best option is to find an experienced attorney that can help guide you through the process. 


A keto diet may generate a false positive for a breathalyzer test. Ask Ashley Schiavone for help.Call Ashley Schiavone

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