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The Nuances of DUI Less Safe: How Slight Impairments Can Lead to Serious Charges

The Nuances of DUI Less Safe: How Slight Impairments Can Lead to Serious Charges lawn mower dui

A Georgia man was arrested last month, accused of a driving a lawn mower while under the influence of alcohol. Police arrested the man after seeing him driving the mower on the road while holding a can of something. He threw the can, but they discovered more cans of beer on the mower. The man […]

Weird Driving Laws

Weird Driving Laws

Most traffic laws are helpful for preventing speeding or impaired driving. Speed limits and DUI laws are pretty similar across the country. But many states, cities, and towns were pretty creative with their driving ordinances. A Few Weird Driving Laws in the US So, this week we look at some of the strangest driving laws […]

Georgia Car Searches: What Are My Rights?

When Can Police Search Your Car? If you are pulled over in a routine traffic stop, and a police officer wants to search your vehicle, what do you do? The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects against unlawful search and seizure, which means that a police officer cannot start searching your car for […]

Accountability Courts in Georgia

A Focus on Treating People Georgia is becoming a national leader in criminal justice reform because of additional state funding for accountability courts. These courts focus on treating people who are arrested for nonviolent crimes and suffer from addiction or mental illness, instead of sending them to prison. Georgia currently has 149 of these courts […]

New Georgia Marijuana DUI Breathalyzer?

Testing for Marijuana Use May Get Easier for Law Enforcement. While the breathalyzer test has long been a way for law enforcement to test the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath, it has been much more difficult to test for impairment of recreational drugs. However, two companies, Hound Labs, Inc. and Cannabix Technologies, have […]

Refusing a Breathalyzer in GA

To Blow or Not to Blow Almost a year later, a landmark Supreme Court case in Georgia continues to reshape DUI defense cases, Olevik vs. State. In this case, the highest court in Georgia reaffirmed a state resident’s against self-incrimination. In light of the shifting tides, we want to take a look at your rights […]