Weird Driving Laws

Most traffic laws are helpful for preventing speeding or impaired driving. Speed limits and DUI laws are pretty similar across the country. But many states, cities, and towns were pretty creative with their driving ordinances.

A Few Weird Driving Laws in the US

So, this week we look at some of the strangest driving laws around the United States:

  • In Alaska, it is against the law to put anything across the road that might cause a crash, such as wire,
    glass, nails, or cans… or bananas?
  • Keep your honking to a minimum in Little Rock, Arkansas, where you will be fined if you honk after 9
    pm near an establishment that serves sandwiches or cold drinks.
  • Hopefully, you are never near a fire in New Britain, Connecticut, where fire engines cannot drive over
    25 miles per hour!
  • Sorry kids! In Dublin, Georgia, you cannot drive through a playground unless you have a permit.
  • In Maine, no quick stops for donuts. Parking in front of the South Berwick Dunkin Donuts is illegal.
  • New Jersey is the only state that does not allow its citizens to pump their gas.
  • Don’t spit on the roads in New Mexico! It’s a misdemeanor.
  • Better use a rest area in Oregon, where throwing containers of human waste onto the side of the
    road is illegal.
  • In Texas, it is unlawful for a car to pull anyone on a bike, sled or roller skates.
  • No vehicle can be painted yellow, except for a school bus in Virginia
  • In Washington, you can get fined for what we’ll call a DWH, driving while hugging’. Just don’t hug
    and drive, folks.

Weird driving laws may seem funny, but call Schiavone Law Group for serious traffic violations.For Serious Driving Offenses, Call Schiavone Law Group

While these weird driving laws and violations might be funny (and probably will not cause much trouble to your driving record), a DUI can change everything. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, contact Schiavone Law for information about your next steps.


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