Helping a Friend with DUI

Helping a friend with DUIIf you have a friend or family member that has recently been arrested for a DUI in the state of Georgia, it may be hard to know how to help them. We have a few tips for how to support this person you love, as they face a challenging crisis in their lives. 

Show You Care

If you have encountered this article, it is obvious you truly care about a person that has been arrested for a DUI. That is the number one thing your friend or family member needs from you! Feeling supported (and not judged) is an important way to stand by someone during a situation that can be embarrassing.

Offer Rides

One of the more challenging parts of dealing with a DUI is potential license suspension. Offering to drive or choosing to meet in locations where it is easy to walk or use public transportation is a great way to consider your friend. You can also offer to pick up groceries or other necessities while you are out.

Promote Good Behavior

If you suspect a substance use problem, be considerate about the locations and activities you do together. Host dry gatherings or skip the alcohol when you dine together.

Understand Traffic Laws in GA

Knowledge of what to expect in a DUI case is so helpful. You can help your friend research potential penalties, costs, and other requirements after a DUI arrest. It is important to know what to expect in Georgia and understand the potential penalties.

Find a Good Defense Lawyer

Even if you have experience, each DUI case is unique and different. Helping a friend with DUI is a noble goal. DUI penalties can be minimized with an experienced DUI defense lawyer! Research to find someone who understands the legal system and how to manage a successful DUI defense.

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