GA DUI Plea Bargains

GA DUI plea bargains - are they a good idea?Are GA DUI plea bargains beneficial to your case?

If you are arrested for a DUI in the state of Georgia, a plea bargain can be a great solution in many cases. 


What are Plea Bargains?

If you listen to true-crime podcasts, you probably already know about plea bargains. They are binding contracts made between the prosecution and the defense before a case goes to trial. GA DUI plea bargains almost always involve an admission of guilt, but they can also result in lesser sentences. Because they provide a shorter path to resolving a case, a large majority of US criminal cases are concluded in this way.


Getting a Lesser Sentence

In some DUI cases, a deal may include changing the sentence to Reckless Driving in exchange for a guilty plea. This is considered a lesser sentence in Georgia and can sometimes come with fewer penalties. Or, the two sides may negotiate the amount of jail time, fines, underlying charges and decreased impact on insurance premiums. Once agreed upon by both the prosecution and the defense, the agreement must ultimately be approved by a judge. 


Choosing the Best Course of Action

Deciding to take a plea deal is a massive decision. It is part of our job as defense attorneys to look over the evidence in your case and help you determine what is best. It is also part of our job to negotiate with the prosecution to help get the best plea bargain possible.

However, if the evidence is overwhelming in your favor or there were mistakes made by law enforcement, a trial may be a better option than a plea deal. There is sometimes a chance that a judge could dismiss your case in pre-trial motions or  that a judge or jury could find you not guilty. 

In other cases, it may be in your best interest to  negotiate a plea deal, even if that means you will end up with a conviction on your criminal record. This is often the resolution chosen because judges can impose harsher sentences in an actual trial than what could be negotiated pre-trial.


GA DUI Plea Bargains – Get Expert Advice

With our expertise in DUI cases over the years, we can usually sense what the best option is by looking at the evidence. Let our office take the stress out of this decision and help you make the best decision for you. 

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