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Proactive Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest

If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI,) here are some steps that Schiavone Law suggests you can take immediately that can save you time down the road. Contact a DUI Lawyer – If your license is taken by police and you are given a 1205 for for a Temporary Driving Permit, you […]

5 Rights You Have at a Georgia DUI Traffic Stop

Here are five rights you have when stopped for a DUI in the State of Georgia. 1. Right to remain silent.If you don’t want to answer any questions asked by the officer, you can politely exercise your right to remain silent and only speak in the presence of counsel.

3 Atlanta New Year’s Eve Driving Alternatives

New Year’s Eve always sees record numbers of DUI arrests. At Schiavone Law Group we encourage you to think ahead when it comes to having a good night on the town on New Year. If you are planning on heading out tonight, check out these options to avoid calling us tomorrow! 1) Uber Uber is […]

Defending DUI: Case Outline for 2015

Recently I was able to update the Georgia DEFENDING DUI: Case Outline for 2015. Annual adjustments to this book are significant because of the latest developments in our Georgia judicial system. This outline for DUI cases in Georgia was created to help attorneys understand how the DUI and traffic laws work in our state without […]

DUI Defense – Too Drunk to Consent?

DUI Defense – Too Drunk to Consent?

A New Georgia DUI Defense? DUI law and litigation in Georgia has taken on a new energy this summer with the Georgia Supreme Court decision of Williams v. State, S14A1625 (2015). In this landmark decision, our state supreme court found that before an officer can ask a suspected drunk driver for a state blood, breath […]

Successful DUI Defenses-Schiavone Law Group

Successful DUI Defenses by Schiavone Law Group A good DUI lawyer knows that there are a variety of different legal issues that can arise in any driving under the influence case. Often times, the battle can be won before trial during pre-trial motions. This summer, Schiavone Law has had some great success during this stage […]

Hollywood and the Courtroom

Hollywood Loves the Courtroom Courtrooms are depicted as an exciting and mysterious places where justice is doled out with flair and awesome makeup. While it may not be exactly like the movies, we still love to see the roles of justice played well on the big screen. Here are a few all-time favorites: To Kill A […]

Sobriety Checkpoint Answers from a DUI Lawyer

Sobriety Checkpoint Answers from a DUI Lawyer It is common in the state of Georgia to come across a Sobriety Checkpoint. These are legal roadblocks that police set up to stop oncoming motorists and ensure that they catch drivers who have been drinking. There have been many videos circulating on social media where individuals refuse […]

Understanding the Different Types of Traffic School in Georgia

The stores are stocked with pencils and dorm supplies. Parents seem to have a little more bounce in their step. In the spirit of the time of year, we at Schiavone Law thought it would be a good time to tell you about the different types of Traffic School in Georgia. 1. ADAP – If […]

Who We Are | Schiavone Law Group

Who We Are | Schiavone Law Group

Schiavone Law Group, PC defends the rights of Georgia residents. Our 30 years of expertise includes cases in DUI & Traffic Law Family Law Personal Injury Criminal Law We focus most of our energy on DUI and Traffic cases and we understand the complexity of the issues. Most importantly, we know what a DUI or […]