GA Super Speeder Law Explained

The GA super speeder law explained.If you have paid a speeding ticket in Georgia recently, you might be surprised to get a notice in the mail that you owe more money to the state.

It is a fine sanctioned by the GA Super Speeder Law, and it can be a little bit confusing. The Super Speeder Law tacks on an additional fine to other speed-related charges and fines. And it is “super” important to take care of this extra fee, because a failure to pay results in license suspension.


What is the Super Speeder Fine?

The Super Speeder fine is a fine for drivers convicted of speeding at certain levels. That is why you will not see the fine until you have already paid your speeding ticket. It is paid to the State Department of Driver Services, not the jurisdiction where the citation was issued.

What Speeds Result in the Fine?

You will receive this fine from the state if you are convicted of driving 75 mph on a two lane road or  85 mph on a four (or more) lane road in Georgia.

What is the timeline for Paying the Fine?

The state gives you 120 days to pay the Super Speeder Fine. If you do not pay it in that time frame, your Driver’s License or Permit will be suspended. In order to reinstate a suspended driving privilege, you must pay a $50 reinstatement fee in addition to the Super Speeder fee.

What about Out-of-State Drivers?

Out-of-state drivers will also receive notification and be required to pay the fine. Your home state licensing authority will be notified of failure to pay. An out-of-state driver will lose driving privileges in the state of Georgia.

Do You Get Additional Points on Your License for Super Speeder Fines?


How Do You Pay the Fine?

Online, in-person or by mail.

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