New Distracted Driving Law in Georgia

The time has come… to stop browsing Instagram on I-85. (At least, now you could actually get a ticket for it.)

On July 1, Georgia will begin enforcing a driving law that will probably affect all of us. Accidents have been increasing in Georgia and many suspect that cell phones are to blame. That is why the new distracted driving law in Georgia is designed to keep people from using the electronic devices while behind the wheel. It was already illegal to text and drive in Georgia, but this law goes much further.

Distracted Driving Law in Georgia Takes Effect July 1, 2018

Though the law has been passed by the Georgia Legislature and signed by Governor Deal, it will not take effect until July 1st. When it becomes law, here’s what you officially cannot do while you are driving:

  • Hold or support any electronic device (including phones, tablets or any other device) with any part of your body.
  • Write, send or read text messages, instant messages, e-mails, or any other internet data on your device.
  • Watch videos or other data content, unless it is for GPS/navigation of your vehicle.
  • Record a video.

Here’s what you can do while you are driving:

  • Dictate a text message while using hands-free voice-command technology, such as iPhone’s Siri or a built-in Bluetooth device in your car.
  • Use your GPS to navigate your vehicle.
  • Wear and/or use a smart watch.
  • Use an earpiece to talk on the phone.
  • Use radio equipment, such as a car stereo, CB or amateur radio, or an emergency communication device.
  • Operate a prescribed medical device.
  • Make a phone call to report an emergency.


If you are pulled over for violating the new distracted driving law in Georgia, you will be hit with a $50 fine and one point on your license. Fines increase by 50$ and one point on subsequent offenses.


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