Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Drink Less?

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Drink Less?
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One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is drinking less alcohol. If that is one of the things on your list, here are some suggestions from experts to make this resolution stick:

  1. Set a goal. Make a decision about how much and how often. Experts recommend that you be sure to reserve a few days a week to abstain from alcohol altogether.
  2. Tell a friend. Or five. The more people who know your desire to change your habits, the more likely they are to step in when you are at a weak point.
  3. Count your drinks. Know how much you are drinking and how often. Making notes will help you to be more aware of your intake, limits and when you need to slow down.
  4. Find a new activity. Adding exercise, hobbies, and friendships allows you to occupy your time with other positive activities that do not include alcohol.
  5. Make a refusal plan. Know what you are going to say if you want to say ‘no’ to a drink offer. Be aware of, and avoid, the conditions, crowds and locations that may make refusal more difficult.
  6. Create a drinking strategy. When you do choose to drink, try drinking with food, spacing out your intake and bringing a friend that can help you slow down if necessary.
  7. Find what works for you. Each person has different triggers for alcohol overuse and each person has found their own strategy for changing their habits. Being self-aware will help you create a plan that works.
  8. See a professional. If you implement these steps and realize your alcohol use is something beyond your control, you should contact a substance abuse counselor to assist you in a recovery plan or program. You can find many resources, including contacts for professional help, on the National Institute of Health

Whatever changes you plan to make this year, we at Schiavone Law Group wish you a happy and healthy New Year!