Top 10 Signs You are Representing a Walking Dead Character in Court

Top10WalkingDeadRepresentinginCourtThe Top 10 Signs . . .

A recent DUI arrest involving an actor in Atlanta’s beloved TV show, The Walking Dead got us thinking… what would it be like to actually represent one of the characters from the hit AMC show in court? While it is unlikely that a zombie apocalypse will happen in our lifetime, as Georgians proud of the hit show filmed in our home state, we thought it would be only be right to poke a little fun ala David Letterman style:

The Top Ten Signs You are Representing a Walking Dead Character in Court.

10.  You have to strike “crossbow” and “machete” from the evidence list.

9.    Carol’s chocolate cookies show up at your desk before a court appearance.

8.    You suggest that combat boots and utility belts are not proper court attire.

7.    Your attorney/client interviews include long stares and pregnant pauses.

6.    He or she jumps under the chair when the gavel strikes.

5.    The police incident report includes the words “covered in guts,” “undead” or “trunk full of limbs.”

4.    You have to explain to your client that prison is not actually a safe haven and that The Governor is not out to get him.

3.    The client checks the cabinets in your break room for left-behind supplies and weaponry.

2.   Rick Grimes shows up to take the law into his own hands.

1.    Your star witness turns (into a walker.)

There you have it. The ten signs you are representing a Walking Dead character.

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