Accountability Courts in GA

For defendants in the State of Georgia facing increased punishment due to their criminal history, Georgia DUI Courts offer an alternative to substantial jail time with an eye towards rehabilitation.

Providing Rehabilitative Resources

Accountability courts in GA have been around for many years, offering rehabilitative resources to defendants who have a history of repeated offenses. These programs range from misdemeanor DUI Court to felony Veteran, Drug Court, and Mental Health Court. Participants who enter these programs succeed most when they recognize that they have an addiction and are ready to address it.  Accountability courts require weekly court sessions, random substance screenings, community service, curfews, and a variety of counseling and therapy group sessions specifically tailored to defendants in each program.

While the programs are outpatient, allowing participants to generally continue with their daily lives while they address their addiction, they involve a serious commitment to growth and recovery. If they are found to break the rules, judges can administer sanctions in the form of community service, home confinement, and jail time. Participants in these programs also benefit tremendously from the relationships and support formed with other members of the court. Programs usually last at least 12 months, but it can take longer for participants to meet all of the requirements.

And Other Benefits

These programs across the state have helped to lower the prison population and state spending on incarceration. They have also helped prevent people from becoming re-offenders because they focus on the addiction instead of the offense. Participants must plead guilty to enter accountability courts in GA.

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