Do Rideshare Apps Lower Drunk Driving Rates?

Apps like Lyft and Uber have changed how many people get around. They also offer a safer way home if you have been drinking. One of the apps, Uber, is working to show that they are helping lower drunk driving rates. As part of this, they teamed up with Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the state of New York to offer free rides on “Blackout Wednesday” last year.


The Results are Mixed

Ridesharing apps have been around for about eight years now. But do rideshare apps lower drunk driving rates? The results are mixed.

  • A study of drivers in New York City shows they do have an impact. The 2017 study from the City University of New York says that there has been a 25-35 percent reduction in alcohol-related crashes since these apps began operating in New York. (It is also good to note that this is an independent study, not conducted by Uber or Lyft.)


  • But, in a broader study of the 100 most populated areas in the U.S., The American Journal of Epidemiology study found that there was no significant change in traffic fatalities (including drunk-driving fatalities) as a result of ridesharing apps.


  • And now, one new study shows a slightly different picture. There may actually be an increase in binge drinking when a rideshare company moves into an area. This is especially true in areas where public transit is not available. This is according to statistics reported in a study by the University of Louisville and Georgia State University.


Don’t Take Chances

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