Host a Safe New Year’s Eve Party

Hosting a holiday or New Year’s Eve party this year? While it is a wonderful time of year to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with friends and family, research shows that there is an increase in the number of DUI-related crashes between December 15 to January 2. So, Georgia State Patrol officers will be out in full force for the final weeks of 2021.

In Georgia, hosts that serve alcohol at parties can be held liable for accidents caused by an intoxicated guest. But, you can help prevent drunk driving by planning ahead. If you are hosting a holiday party, here are some tips for how to keep your guests safe on the ride home.


Provide Mocktails

In addition to alcoholic drinks, create a special mocktail for guests to enjoy. This will give designated drivers something to drink. And it might even entice some guests to skip a boozy beverage or two.

Offer a Great Spread 

Great food in lots of accessible locations at a party will keep guests from over-drinking. And it will help their bodies to process the alcohol in their system more quickly.

Designate a Host to Monitor Departures

In order to manage guest departures, it is a good idea for at least one person in the hosting role to stay sober. That way they can be fully aware of the guests who are leaving and offer sober rides if anyone needs one.

Be Ready for a Ride Share 

Offer to order an Uber or Lyft for guests who have been drinking, even if they seem sober enough to drive.

Consider the Key Bowl 

If there is a lot of alcohol to be consumed at the party, you may consider confiscating keys to make sure no one slips out.


Have a safe New Year's Eve party this year.Happy New Year!

Remember to drive carefully and be sure to host a safe New Year’s Eve party. Whatever your plans, Schiavone Law wishes you a Happy New Year and safe holiday season!