Thanksgiving Traffic Alert

Traffic alert! The AAA is predicting that Thanksgiving 2021 will be a huge rebound time for travel. They say that traffic numbers should be close to reaching pre-pandemic numbers with a predicted 1.5 million people expected to drive this week in Georgia. If you plan to travel from (or within) Metro-Atlanta, here are some of our suggestions for staying safe on the roads this holiday season.

Be Safe When Traveling

  • Travel during off-peak hours. AAA says that the most congested travel time will be the afternoon the day before Thanksgiving. For Atlanta area drivers, you will likely see the heaviest traffic between 1:30pm and 6:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, November 24. So they suggest that you travel on a different day. Or, leave early in the morning Wednesday.
  • Travel sober. While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, there are additional factors at play during Thanksgiving week. This week tends to be a popular time to drink at social gatherings. In fact, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is often referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” because so many people drink the night before Thanksgiving. In addition to this, law enforcement agencies around the country will staff-up on big travel days. We suggest a ride share like Uber or Lyft if you decide to drink this week.
  • Travel alert. Distracted driving is considered illegal in Georgia. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phone usage in the car. The law makes drivers culpable if they are eating, doing make-up, or anything that can take attention off the road. But, Georgia is particularly strict when it comes to cell phone distractions. We suggest you try and pull over to do anything that might distract you from driving.
  • Give your vehicle a once-over. Before you leave town, the AAA recommends you check your vehicle for issues that could affect long distance travel. These include tire-pressure, engine lights and oil levels.


We Wish You Safe Travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving traffic alert for 2021.