Professional Licensure and Georgia DUIs

If you are arrested for a DUI in Georgia, there are many things you might be worried about. It can affect your ability to drive. It can be costly and time consuming to pay fines, attend classes and court appearances. It can even result in jail time.

A DUI Will Affect Your Professional License

But did you know it can also affect your career? If you are a professional that operates under a Georgia license, a DUI conviction could affect your ability to apply or renew your professional license.

Professional licensure and DUI.

The state of Georgia oversees a wide range of different types of professional licenses, including everything from nurses and doctors to landscapers and used car dealers. In order to operate in these professions, the state requires that you obtain a professional license. Obtaining a professional license often involves submitting information such as educational history and documentation about experience. In many cases, an applicant must report their criminal history. This does not mean that a DUI conviction will automatically lead to a revoked professional license. In some cases, it may not affect your license at all. But often when you go to renew or apply for a license and report a DUI on your criminal history, a review board will carefully evaluate your application. If the board determines that the conviction shows that you are not fit to practice your profession, they could decide not to renew or approve your state license. They could also apply disciplinary measures. The severity of the decision is often determined by facts of your conviction, including the number of DUIs on your record and if there were any controlled substances involved.

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

The most important thing you can do when arrested and charged with a DUI is to contact an experienced DUI lawyer to help. They can help you determine how to proceed and what will be best for your case.

Ashley Schiavone