Georgia DUI School Explained

Georgia DUI school explained by Schiavone Law GroupIf you are convicted of a DUI in Georgia, it is almost certain that you will have to attend Court-Ordered Risk Reduction classes. These classes are commonly referred to as Georgia DUI school. What can you expect from these classes? Here are some answers to common questions about DUI School in Georgia.



GA DUI School FAQs

Where are the classes administered?

You can choose to take the courses online or in-person. There are a large number of private companies that offer these courses, so you can choose the best location and course type for your situation. Here is a link to the Georgia Department of Driver Services Certified DUI Schools.


How much time do the classes take?

Georgia DUI classes are 20 hours long. Depending on the company you choose, the classes may be administered in different ways. Some teach the entire course over one weekend and some spread out the classes to multiple days or weeks. 


What are the classes like?

There are two parts to the course. First, you must take an assessment. Then based on how you do on the assessment, you will be assigned to a 20 hour class. The class usually contains a lecture, discussion and group counseling. It is an active course and attendees are expected to participate.


How much do the classes cost?

The initial assessment costs $100. The course costs $235. The book fee is $25. The total for all three of these costs comes to $360. These fees are actually set by the state, not by the businesses that offer these courses.  


Can the classes be avoided?

In many cases, even if you are able to get your sentence reduced by the court, DUI school will still be required. 


Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

Georgia DUI School Courses are a result of a conviction. Your best bet to avoid conviction is to hire an experienced attorney to help you navigate your case. 

Ashley Schiavone