Quick Summary: Democratic and Republican Conventions

Follow these important political issues for 2016Important Political Issues for 2016

This election cycle, there has been enough mudslinging to fill fifteen dump trucks. Sometimes it is difficult to see through the muck and get a better idea of what platform each candidate is actually running on. We want to help you stay informed. Here are important political issues and how the candidates stand:

  1. Healthcare

Trump: Repeal, replace Obamacare. Help healthcare companies cross state lines. Previously supported universal healthcare.

Clinton: Expand Obamacare, increase government role in insurance rate determinations.

  1. Gun Control

Trump: Avoid major restrictions on guns, previously supported a ban some assault weapons.

Clinton: Background checks, close loopholes, ban some assault weapons and take away gun manufacturer protections.

  1. Immigration

Trump: Suspend green card issues, temporarily ban Muslims, and actively deport undocumented immigrants, build a wall between Mexico and the US.

Clinton: Expand deferred action programs that waive deportation and create a path to legal status to undocumented people living in the US.

  1. Social Issues

Trump: Supports limits on abortion and believes that marriage is between male and female but that the decision should be relegated to the states.

Clinton: Supports legal abortion and gay marriage.

  1. Taxes

Trump: Cut government spending, implement tax reform to remove some tax brackets to greatly reduce tax rates for many Americans.

Clinton: Wants to raise taxes on the middle class. Increase taxes on capital gains.

Also, there are some platform planks the candidates have presented the opposing view has not been presented:

Clinton: Make public college free, stimulus plan for increasing jobs

Trump: Improve the economy to help pay for entitlement programs

Of course this is just a brief overview of the candidates but we hope this helps you get a jump start on your research. Good luck out there! Avoid mud and whatever you support, we hope you can make an informed decision about the election and the important political issues facing our country and state.

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