Talking to Your College Kids

College kids drinkingThe students at Georgia Southern University had a rude awakening earlier this month. A car crashed into the side of their dormitory at 2am on December 6th. Students rushed to help the driver escape the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames. They would find out later that the driver was intoxicated and being pursued by a police officer. The 21-year-old driver was arrested for a DUI and other charges. 


Have That Talk Now

It is a strange event, but it does highlight the importance of talking to your college kids about drinking responsibly. And why not now?  Here are some tips for how to have that conversation.


Be Respectful and Open. 

Chances are, your kids already know what you think about drunk driving. But, they may not fully understand the risks and consequences. The best thing you can do is treat them as adults and be willing to share your own experiences. Let them ask questions and remain calm when you speak. If they seem anxious or uneasy, you can always table the discussion for another time. 


Skip the lecture. Listen and offer resources.

Instead of lecturing, let your student ask you questions. Or, you can offer them information about DUI laws in the state they’re attending college. And give them access to the school drinking policy. Or, local ride-share information. You can also simply tell a story of a friend or relative that was negatively impacted by a DUI or someone driving drunk. 


Be available.

If you are reading this – you probably already know how to be a great parent! Just know that it is okay to ask questions. Keep the lines of communication open. And, make yourself available at any time of day or night, if they need your help. 


We know it can be scary when your kids venture out on your own! And a student DUI might be a scary thing to think about. If it does happen, we can help you eliminate stress and make the best of the situation.


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