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Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Drink Less?

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Drink Less? One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is drinking less alcohol. If that is one of the things on your list, here are some suggestions from experts to make this resolution stick: Set a goal. Make a decision about how much and how often. Experts recommend […]

A Peek at October’s Strange Court Cases

Sometimes strange things happen in the courtroom. In honor of the month of October, here are some of our four favorite Strange Court Cases from this month: The Battle of the Grave – The month of Halloween brought the end of a court case involving the great American athlete Jim Thorpe. He did not have […]

You’ve Been Arrested for a DUI in Georgia… What Should You Do Now?

You’ve Been Arrested for a DUI in Georgia… What Should You Do Now? If you have ever been arrested for a DUI in Georgia , you know that the legal process can be overwhelming. Before you make any decisions about how to proceed, it is a good idea to consider the different variables surrounding the case. […]

Understanding the Different Types of Traffic School in Georgia

The stores are stocked with pencils and dorm supplies. Parents seem to have a little more bounce in their step. In the spirit of the time of year, we at Schiavone Law thought it would be a good time to tell you about the different types of Traffic School in Georgia. 1. ADAP – If […]

Suwanee Beer Fest 2014 Designated Driver Sponsor Schiavone Law Group

Have Fun – Be Safe ! Schiavone Law, P.C. is the Official Designated Driver sponsor of the American Craft Suwanee Beer Fest this Saturday, March 15. We are proud to promote safe drinking habits once again at a premier craft beer festival. A portion of all proceeds from the Festival will benefit Kingdom Kids, a […]

Family Law-Schiavone Law Group

We understand that divorce is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. It can be emotionally, physically and financially draining. We at Schiavone Law, P.C. stand by each of our clients. We promise to keep you informed about your case and help you to understand the legal process. Your family is important to […]

Schiavone Law Group – Focus and Expertise

For 30 Years Our focus and expertise at Schiavone Law includes many different areas, including Personal Injury Law. What is a Personal Injury case? It is any legal dispute that arises when one person suffers harm and someone other than the injured party is responsible. If you are a victim in a Personal Injury case, […]

Thanks from Schiavone Law Group

Thank You, Atlanta As a new year quickly approaches, Schiavone Law Group says thank you for the opportunity to reflect on the past year. We give thanks to those people who have made us a success in 2013. This year marked the second year that Schiavone Law, PC has been in business and it’s been […]