Schiavone Law Featured in South Magazine

Schiavone Law was featured in the June-July issue of Savannah-based South magazine. Ashley Schiavone and her father, Mike Schiavone are highlighted in an article discussing their professional history, achievements, and expertise.

Family Matters

The article describes Mr. Schiavone as a well-known attorney in Savannah. It describes Ms. Schiavone as an up-and-coming attorney in the Atlanta area. Mr. Schiavone speaks proudly of his daughter, highlighting her expertise, lectures and authorship on DUI defense in Georgia. The article says that “a keen sense of justice runs in the family.


South magazine mentions Ms. Schiavone’s experience as an apprentice under William Head of Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis, one of Georgia’s top DUI firms. And how she opened her practice just a few years later. The article highlights the many accolades she has received. They include being named one of “Atlanta’s Finest Professionals” by Proactive Resources and Creative Loafing in both 2012 and 2014. And she was named a Rising Star by the Georgia Super Lawyer’s Association. It also mentions that she helped found the DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association.


The article discusses Ms. Schiavone’s book about DUI case law in Georgia. Ms. Schiavone published an annual reference guide called Defending DUI: Case Outline for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. The book is an overview of the latest information about DUI cases. Instead of wading through case law, this book gives other lawyers in Georgia a quick way to stay up to date on what has changed and what important cases affect current DUI defense strategies.

South magazine is an award-winning magazine published in SavannahGeorgia every two months. You can find the article about Mike and Ashley Schiavone by subscribing to the magazine online. You can also find out where to purchase a hard copy of the magazine on their website.

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