The TIRF Report 2022

The TIRF Report 2022 SummaryAccording to a new study, risky driving behaviors might be easing up after an increase in 2021. 

Each year, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA (TIRF USA) conducts a large survey to assess how people view impaired driving. It acts as a barometer for attitudes and behaviors related to drunk driving. 

TIRF Report 2022 Summary

Here are some of the main findings:

  • Decrease in reckless driving in 2022. In 2021, the survey showed that people self-reported more instances of driving over the legal limit. That number showed a small decrease in 2022. These numbers were within the margin of error, so there may not be significance to the finding.
  • Decrease in instances of drunk driving in 2022. If respondents self-reported impaired driving in the survey, they were asked a second question – how often? This question did show a statistically significant decrease in respondents who said they drove drunk “often” or “very often,” from 12.3% in 2021 to 9.7% in 2022.
  • One of the biggest shifts in the numbers this year was an almost 4% increase in ride-share, designated driver and public transport usage between 2021 and 2022. There was a decrease in 2020 and 2021. The study suggests this probably because people were nervous about the spread of Covid-19 and avoided those options that often put people in proximity to one another.
  • Risky driving was up during the pandemic. Overall, studies have shown that even though there were fewer people on the roads, those who were driving were more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors such as speeding and driving under the influence.
  • The largest number of people who reported that they drove drunk in 2022 said they thought they were okay to drive.

To read more from the TIRF Report 2022, you can click here to find a digital version of it. 

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